Beginning with a wildly-harvested yeast sourdough starter that I created, doughs are made using unbleached, whole grain flours, many of them locally sourced from just over the river in Kentucky. Each dough is hand-folded throughout its long fermentation cycle, allowing time and temperature to act as critical ingredients to the process. Breads are baked on a stone hearth at a very high temperature, creating a gorgeous crackling crust. The crust is not only a delicious part of the loaf, but it also acts as a layer of protection to the crumb inside. To revive a loaf for a fresh taste, simply reheat for 10-15 minutes in a 400* oven.

Each week I select a variety of breads to bake. Natural Country and Seeds N’ Sprouts are regular flavors, and then I choose additional flavors to bake during a given week. I gain inspiration from other bakers, from what’s fresh in season at the markets, from customer requests, or sometimes just an idea of something that I thought sounded delicious!

Every effort is made to use local products and support small businesses, as I believe that what is immediately around is more than enough to sustain us. I do not use egg, dairy products, or sugar. When a sweetener is needed, I only use locally-harvested maple syrup. I’m humbled to partner with these great businesses in sourcing ingredients that I use in my products:

Flours, Cornmeal, Corn Grits, Wheat & Rye Berries (sourced from organic farms): Louismill

Sprouted Grains smoked by The Pickled Pig

Salt: Jacobsen Salt

Seasonings: Dark Wood Farm & Wake the Farm Up

Vegetables: The Eaton Farm

Cranberry Walnut