Prepare to get your hands in some dough and learn how to make sourdough bread in your own home! This class is an intensive and practical lesson on the science of naturally leavened bread-making and baking. It will be four hours where you’ll receive instruction on how to maintain a sourdough starter, how to mix dough, and how to shape and bake the loaves. We will bake bread (and break bread!) together to look at crust and crumb textures. You will leave the class with the new knowledge gained, as well as a proofing basket, a portion of sourdough starter, a loaf to bake on your own the following day, and some freshly milled whole grain whole wheat flour.

There is a minimum of four (maximum six) participants, and location is in your (or another participant’s) house! I want the bread-making to be as approachable as possible, using your space and your oven; after all, that’s what you’ll be using anyway after the class is over!

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We’re taking a break from classes so that we can bake for summer markets, but check back with us this fall to book your class!