Just like a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share, the Bread Share is a pre-paid bread subscription that guarantees you receive freshly baked bread on a weekly basis.

Here’s how it works: You pre-pay for a Half Share or a Full Share of freshly baked bread for 8 weeks. You choose your preferred pickup day and location. You will receive an email on Monday morning with the weekly flavor. I’ll change it up so that you can sample a variety of different loaves, including seasonal flavors that use fresh ingredients from local farmers. If there is an allergy in your household and you need to exchange the weekly loaf for a different one, please reply to the email with your change.

When you purchase a Bread Share, you are guaranteed wholesome, naturally-leavened, freshly-baked bread each week. Just like with a CSA where farmers can purchase seeds and equipment at the beginning of a season, I’m able to purchase ingredients and materials in bulk and in advance, which provides a savings to me. I’m able to pass the savings on to you as well. You are supporting local artisans and farmers with whom I partner for my ingredients. Your dollars stay in the local food community.

If you’re unable to pick up your bread during any week, please send me an email and let me know. You can choose to carry the loaf forward to another week. You can also donate your bread to a friend, co-worker, or neighbor. Email me with the change of plans and I’ll set your bread aside for someone else (whom you designate) to pickup for you. The third option is letting me donate your bread for you! I will donate your bread to a local organization that will ensure the bread goes to a food-insecure family.

Half Share $50: One loaf per week for 8 weeks 

Full Share $100: Two loaves per week for 8 weeks.